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Bill was King of the pool today. after 8 months of chemo and 55 pounds lighter he is a sliver of the size he was, but with all the heart. Grinning from ear to ear, he was moving gingerly and victoriously from end to end with many chatty rest stops as he held court in between laps. Bill got a hug, a grin or a chuck on the shoulder from every single person at lane swim this morning. 71 years old and rocking remission! A very happy Monday.
Go Bill.

Really really poor performance today. Aerobically exhausted, mentally dark, zero mojo. Very unhappy with my poor attitude, the result of which is exactly what I deserve because it’s exactly what I gave myself. It is so much easier to excuse bad days when you have a reason. No reason. Total meltdown.
Trying to shut it down and walk away.

I will not open sportstats. I will not open sportstats. I will not open sportstats…

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