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It was my first half. In fact, after a year of duathlons, I learned to swim for it. It started this madness. I’ve done the 70.3 three x (I was even third AG one year) - every year since (except last year and this year its only two weeks after copenhagen, so I will miss it). I hugged my first kayak here.

The bike course is actually *worse* than it looks. The swim is cool, 66 degrees maybe, but expected, it’s Canada. You get used to it. Nice water. Swimstart is pretty as the sun comes up on edge of cottage resort. You come out of the water and transition is on top of a hill so you run up to it. Bike is also gruelling 94km so if the full is two loops, then it’s going to be 188 instead of 180. The roads are rough and rutted in a few places but when you’re pounding your body that hard you don’t notice a few extra bumps. These are the kind of hills that stretch out the tops of your knees so painfully you feel waves of quease when you stand on the pedals. And you have to stand a lot. One year I (slowly) passed a guy quietly crying as he pedalled up a hill. He had just given up, beaten by the road. He wanted it to be over so badly….

And then they send you on a run up a long steep highway only to turn into sharp steep rolling hills and a few miles of trail before looping back onto the highway for the long run home. And everywhere you look is the beauty of the Canadian Shield…pink granite cleaved to make sheets of 40’ high cliffs, surrounded by lakes, wildlife, and thick green forest. Deerhurst is a family resort. Little kids running beside you volunteering you GU, telling you their mum or dad is on the course and you can still catch them. People lined up and down the highway both ways cheering you on.
Is the most amazing race, embedded in my heart as the first one. Beauty and the beast.
But yes you need balls for this race.
Anyone with me?

Number 6?

Well they officially announced a new IM in my hood! It’s an evil bike course and an even more painful run.
Bring it on:

Popp, come home, bring the family. this is your first full Ironman.
Ross….c’mon. It only hurts on the run.
Ceebee, you like canada, right? Nicer than Immt.
Beth and the hubs? Change will do you good. all that imfl must be getting dull no?
I could do this all day…..Bring your friends. Deerhurst is stunning.

Registration in september.

It’s 6:36pm. Had shot of espresso and bowls o d cherries for dinner. Am headed out to practise ‘floating’. Yup, cant do that in lane swim.

My day went like this:
4:45am get up and jog 5k. Call it a morning stretch. Work. Take boys to camp. Work. Ride 2.5 hours with coach ruthlessly focused on sprint day. (Top speed on flats: 61.6kph. Thank you). Run off bike for 5km at 5:05 avg pace. Work. Work. Pick up boy from post-camp playdate.
Scrounge for dinner - pre-swim snack. Find nespresso espresso modules. Happy sigh.
Now only 50-50 I pass out asleep in pool…..

Rain and galeforce wind put a stop to it…but not before I got a taste for 15km. Strange thing to tilt sideways just to stay upright.
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Rain and galeforce wind put a stop to it…but not before I got a taste for 15km. Strange thing to tilt sideways just to stay upright.

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