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Swim time


Yesterday was a 50k bike with 20 min run off at 5:09/km pace. 2000m open water swim. Huge waves, rough bouncy water. So grumpy and annoyed at fighting with waves that rolled me sideways and caused me to bob or choke at their will. Not mine.
Got home late, up at 5 to hit the pool when it opened. Felt so good to control my own roll and stroke. 1500m is all I got tho. And for once, i likes being in the pool. 40 min run tonite. Looking forward to that.
Get out there today and kill it!


Am drowning metaphorically so a good swim this am was more like balance - now my outside feels like my inside. Have jammed my work, workouts, t time, and personal obligations all into the next four days and am feeling it. As much as I dislike that being suspended in water feeling, that was a very useful way to start my day - it knocked off an obligation but I had a chance to get away from the outside pressure.

Today’s taper swim: one hour, warmup, drills include : upside down paddles, catch up, zipper, kickboard tap and a 1km distance set

Was a decent speed for me. I’m happy with It, and now that that’s done, sleepy time is over. Someone turned on the firehose…Off to work.

Get out there today. Have fun.

Its been two days. I’ve got the taper crazies. I just weighed myself 3x. And I noticed an incessant tapping sound. It was my foot.
This is not looking good….
There better not be a bag of licorice within four city blocks of me….

Solid 10k recovery run, even with the blistered? big toe (caused by trying to keep my foot on the tiny round stick of the crushed lollipop pedal for 16k, which jammed my big toe into a huge blister/crushed toenail thingy, and which also caused some strange hip and knee cramping that appeared on run), then a 30min rough water kayak, then a 600m recovery swim attempt but the rough water made me call it a day.
Jumped in the boat for quick fun tour aaaaand crushed my toe - that toe - against the deck getting aboard. Scream carried across the lake/scared some boaters. Upon examination after I caught my breath, toenail actually exploded/in splinters/blood everywhere, skin is raw and tender.
So weird. Have been limping since noon.
Toe still throbbing.
Hoping a doctor’s visit is not required.
Advil definitely is.

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